Day-by-Day Course Outline

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Where Did It All Begin

Day 1: Sports Biz History  

ESPN Classic Sports Century-Bill Veeck or

Complete the assignment(s)


Sports Marketing Defined

Day 2: What are we really going to study? 

Primary discussion and this assignment                      


Need a Partner?

Day 3: The Event Triangle 


Day 4: Sponsorship Trends                             


It Keeps Getting Bigger

Day 5: The Growth of Sponsorship                                                           

Day 6: Why is Sponsorship Growing? 



Why Companies Sponsor

Day 7: Reasons Companies Sponsor Sports                                            

Day 8: Brand Objectives for Sports Sponsorship



Day 9: Catch-up Day

Deciding What to Sponsor

Day 10: What are the factors in determining what to sponsor                  Day 11: Finish discussion and do the assignment(s)                             


What’s This Going to Cost?

Day 12: Pricing of sponsorships



Leveraging Sponsorship

Day 13: Value of and types of leveraging                                                Day 14: Complete discussion and assignment(s)                 


Ambush or Creative Marketing?

Day 15: What is ambush marketing and why is it a problem?                Day 16: Debate Ambush vs. "Creative" Marketing or assignment(s)               


So, Did it Work?

Day 17: How do we measure success and assignment                                                                                            

Day 18-Catch-up Day   


What Went Wrong?

Day 19: Why do some sponsorships fail?                                                Day 20: Assignment                 


Rights and Benefits

Day 21: What is an"inventory" in sports?                                                Day 22: Assignment(s)                         


It Starts with a Sale

Day 23: General introduction to sales and assignment                            Day 24: What's different with sponsorship sales and assignment


Day 25: Catch-up Day     

Plan on It!

Day 26 Introduction to the Marketing Plan



In Summary . . .

Day 27 The Executive Summary                       


Analyze This!

Day 28                                                                                            




Ready, Aim, Fire

Day 30   


Setting Goals

Day 31 



Achieving Goals

Day 32                                                                                            

Day 33-Catch-up Day

Fan Fun Events

Day 34                                                                                            

Day 35 

Day 36 Assignment                 


Read All About It

Day 37 



That’s Entertainment

Day 38                                                                                            

Day 39 Assignment            

Day 40-Catch-up Day


Event Management

Day 41 



After All Is Said and Done

Day 42 


Final Project                                                                                    

Day 43 Final Project                                                                    

Day 44 Final Project  

Day 45 Final Project