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8. Action Plan

 In the action plan section of a marketing plan for a college football team, it is crucial to outline the tactics that will be used to achieve the team's marketing goals and objectives. This section should include detailed timelines, budgets, and responsibilities for each tactic.


The action plan should be developed based on the goals and objectives set in the previous section of the marketing plan. Each objective should have specific tactics listed that will help achieve that objective. These tactics should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).


The action plan should also include a timeline for each tactic, indicating when it will be implemented and when it is expected to be completed. A budget should also be assigned to each tactic, indicating the estimated cost to execute it. It is important to allocate resources wisely and prioritize tactics with the highest potential return on investment.


Responsibilities should also be assigned for each tactic, indicating who is responsible for its execution. This could include the marketing team, athletic department, merchandising team, or ticket office.


Overall, the action plan should be comprehensive and detailed, outlining the specific steps that will be taken to achieve the marketing goals and objectives of the college football team.

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